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Pain Unforgiven Randy Pierce

Pain Unforgiven

Randy Pierce

Published May 10th 2011
358 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Grant Hicks, thirty seven years old and a partner in an Atlanta law firm, has managed to escape his past. Almost. While preparing for an upcoming trial, his long-time secretary interrupts him with a phone call. It is Elsie Smallwood calling from Grants hometown. Greene County is a place to which Grant vowed never to return. For almost twenty years, he has been successful in avoiding his past. However, Elsies unexpected phone call sends him back to the place that harbors painful memories. When he arrives, he finds a community in need of healing and a dying friends desire for the pain of others to be released. Grants journey is a testament to individual and communal redemption and to the good - and bad - within all people. Through lovable characters and unexpected twists of events, Grant and the place he calls home are finally able to confront the painful past. And by doing so, each comes face to face with Pain Unforgiven.